Period Garden Park on the News!! Check out this WSJ article and related video about Period Garden Park and Joe Bonardi's work!
City of Madison Parks website.

City of Madison Parks: Rules for Special Events

City of Madison Parks: Rules for Park Shelter Reservations

City of Madison Parks website pages concerning regulations for events and activities for all city parks.  Period Garden Park is an alcohol free park.  Sorry, dogs are not allowed.

Period Garden Park is featured on the "Neighborhood Parks Success Stories" page!


Madison Parks Foundation has the mission of supporting neighborhood groups to raise funds to make improvements in Madison parks and public spaces.  Independent of the City Parks Division. 
Reserve Gates of Heaven

Gates of Heaven is located in James Madison Park, less than a block away from Period Garden Park.  This historic structure is available for weddings and events.

We would like to remind anyone considering a wedding or event at the Gates of Heaven shelter in James Madison Park, that Period Garden Park is only 1/2 block west on East Gorham St. The gardens are an ideal location for photo opportunities for your special event!

www.capitolneighborhoods.org Capital Neighborhoods, Inc., an organization dedicated to improving the experience of residing in Madison's vibrant downtown.
www.madisonpreservation.org The Madison Trust for Historic Preservation is a nonprofit organization established in 1974 to help preserve the architectural and historical heritage of the greater Madison area through advocacy and education.
www.mansionhillinn.com Mansion Hill Inn Bed and Breakfast offers its guests the luxury, elegance and Victorian charm of Madison's only four-diamond inn.
Hypatia Coop Hypatia Cooperative House.  (Period Garden Park was once part of the yard of this house, the former Keyes House.)
https://allencentennialgarden.org/ Allen Centennial Gardens, located on the UW-Madison campus at 620 Babcock Drive.
www.olbrich.org Obrich Gardens is another one of Madison's fine garden parks.


Mansion Hill District
110 East Gorham St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Madison Park Hours: Monday - Sunday, 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Here are links to City Park rules and regulations concerning events and activities for all city parks:
Rules for Special Events   |    Permit to Reserve Period Garden Park
Period Garden Park is an alcohol free park. Sorry, dogs are not allowed.

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