The heart and soul of any community project is its volunteers.  Period Garden Park completely depends upon people willing to give their time and effort to maintain the city-owned park.  We need your help with: mowing, weeding, planting, sweeping, watering, transportation, as well as other needs as they arise.

Since we have started our renovation of the park in 2007, and continue our efforts each year, we have struggled along with a small group of dedicated individuals, but we are in definite need of more support. We urge you to consider volunteering.  No experience is necessary; we can help you find a way to assist that is fun and fits your abilities.

Students to seniors, all are welcome!  Get to know your neighbors, and enjoy the garden.

Please help us to reach our goals, and continue our work in restoring this unique treasure from our past.  To volunteer, email us at: periodgardenvolunteers@gmail.com

Additional information:

Ledell Zellers,
Former President of Capital Neighborhoods, Inc.

You may also be interested in joining your neighborhood association, Capital Neighborhoods, Inc.  To contact them, visit their website:  www.capitolneighborhoods.org

A heartfelt thank you to our past and current volunteers:

James Diamond and Zeke Schleiwe
Paul Wilhite
 Paul Wilhite
  Victor Munsen
  Aaron Williams
John Steines
Carol Crossen, Amy Axt, and Monica Harkey
Sandra Jones
Connie Pickmosa, Kris Frater, and Suzanne Rodriguez


Mansion Hill District
110 East Gorham St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Madison Park Hours:
Monday - Sunday, 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Here are links to City Park rules and regulations concerning events and activities for all city parks:
Rules for Special Events   |    Permit to Reserve Period Garden Park
Period Garden Park is an alcohol free park. Sorry, dogs are not allowed.

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